"How much I actually trust you" It is a path to the fundamental awareness of "self" (me, myself, and I). Everything is always perfect in the Universe, but not in the context of "self", by definition uncertain and perpetually in contact with error.

A line that had to go out straight, takes an unexpected turn falling into irregularity of the bottom surface; a new perspective opens and the path takes another way.

The color (or non-color) thickens into a fold of the paper and changes direction again.The pigment dries and breaks off, adding three-dimensionality to the formal disaggregation of the pictorial matter and gesture.

Accepting the new path means canceling oneself by fully accepting change, other matter, in the metaphysical space in which the work of art and its author mature.

My work is constantly hovering between path and speech, beyond my abilities but, at the same time, always very mine, expression of my unconscious self, concrete and real: a move from one gesture to another in a harmonious disharmony of graphism and colorism, scratches and backgrounds, sharp and nuanced.

Subtle geographies lead to repositioning (placing oneself again) in the plan of the work, in a topological space, family of open sets (a multitude of variables that open through errors) (error, from the Latin error -oris, der. errare ' wander here and there) in a long and winding journey in view of a distant destination, or without a destination, a flypast over the borders between the lights and shadows of the background surfaces.